20 Facts About Myself…

Hello, and thank you so much for clicking on my new blog! I’m thrilled to get back into writing with a new and refreshed blog that is a much more updated version of myself.

If you haven’t gotten to know me through my Youtube channel, my name is Amber, I am twenty-nine and from Australia. I began my Youtube channel a few years ago with a huge love for all things beauty related. From my experiences I have also learnt how much I enjoy just being a creator in general, and sharing my life with you all through the lense of my camera.

If you do follow my Youtube channel, (and/or are subscribed) and enjoy my content I put up every week, I just want to take the time out to thank each and every one of you for being so supportive and sweet. All your encouragement and lovely comments makes me so happy, and motivates me to continue on creating everything I love, and challenging myself to make every upload/post something I am always so proud of.

Over the years, creating on social media has definitely become the biggest passion of mine, and therefore I felt it time to get back into the blogging world, as writing is something I have always thoroughly enjoyed.

So before I dive head-first into this lovely new blog of mine,I thought it only suitable to do a fun about facts about me, to help you get to know me a little better. I would do this on my YouTube channel, but I feel like those types of videos are just not a hit anymore, and get swallowed up by the many, many more relevant searches we find ourselves typing in and watching these days.

So lets get started, be sure to leave me any questions down below if you wanted to know anything else, and also keep in mind I also  have a Youtube channel, so if you feel you can put up with my annoying little voice, head over to Amber Carly and click that subscribe button to keep up with all of my videos.



1) To be completely honest, I am not the biggest people person. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike people, I just wouldn’t consider myself a socialite of any sort, and would much prefer staying at home with my boyfriend, or spending time with family or the very few friends I have. This is probably linked with my anxiety and stress, so I just tend to keep to myself most of the time. My YouTube channel however is my outlet where I am able to share my love for all things beauty etc. with the world in the comfort of my own home, and it also helps with my anxiety and confidence.

2) Places that make me the happiest include my own home and sitting outside in my garden (especially on warm summer days), any kind of beach where I can just watch the waves roll in and take in fresh air, out in the country side away from the chaos of city life and people, and finally at my parents house.

3) Things/people that make me happy are Nick, my family and closest friends. Makeup (I admit I am a little bit of a hoarder, but also NOTHING in comparison to some of those really big Youtubers/bloggers out there that get sent stuff for free!) Creating on Youtube and now my new blog! Singing, candles (especially around festive seasons). Fairy lights, new home wares, lighting incense in my house, baths, (especially when products from Lush are involved), fresh flowers, head massages, holidays, sunshine, bunch dates, chocolate (especially malteasers), cupcakes, coffee and wine in fancy wine glasses.

4) I am expecting my first child at the start of 2018, or even possibly end of 2017. They say you either absolutely love pregnancy, or you are the complete opposite. Even though my pregnancy was planned, and Nick and myself are very excited to meet our little man, I have not enjoyed pregnancy one little bit and cannot wait until it’s over. I felt so guilty about not enjoying it until I read so many women go through the same thoughts and feelings too. Bloody hormones I tell ya. Sometimes I feel so mentally uncomfortable about the whole thing and I hate that I have no control over my body anymore. I can’t wait till next year when I can be myself again, as I do not feel like Amber right now. Instead, feel like a useless pile of shit who can barely get off the floor without somebody pulling me up. Three more months to go…. then I can finally have a wine. Yes, I am counting.

5) I have only two weeks of work left before I go on maternity leave. I currently work in childcare, and have for about 6 years. I have enjoyed it, but in saying that I’m not sure yet if I’m going to be returning. Having this child next year will give me the opportunity to be the best mum I can be, and also time to figure out what else I want out of my life. I am hoping that my love for creating on social media will one day become my job, so I’ll be working hard towards that. If that isn’t on the cards, one day Nick and I would love to open up our own little coffee and cake shop. But then again, who knows what the future holds really. All in all, I just want to be happy with what I am doing, and stress free.

6) Family is extremely important to me. Growing up, I wasn’t the nicest teen/early twenties daughter you could imagine. Don’t get me wrong, I was certainly not the worst either! However I feel that I did have to work towards building up a relationship with my parents all over again, and that took a lot of work, especially in getting them to trust me again. Now these days things couldn’t be better. I am super close with my mum (even though we still can get on each other’s nerves at times!) and I get along really well with my stepdad. I guess if I could offer anybody any advice, it would be to try to be kind to your parents, even if they are driving you up the wall and you want to just completely rebel against them. Because as you get older, you will realise the importance of family and the value of respect. I rebelled around the time I realised my stepdad wasn’t my ‘real’ dad and turned into a bit of a mess, and made friends with the wrong people/bad influences. I wish I had just understood that blood related or not, my stepdad was always going to be my dad no matter what, and love me just as much as my other two sisters. Basically, no matter what tough times you are going through growing up, don’t take it out on your family. Friends, boyfriends, uncomfortable situations and bullies come and go, but family stick around forever. Therefore, I couldn’t love my family more if I tried, and when ever I get the chance to spend time with them, I jump at it.

7) I am an incredible hypochondriac. If you are unaware of what this means, basically it’s somebody who stresses over absolutely everything in regards to their health. I know to some people this may sound silly, but to me it’s a real issue, and sometimes it can take over me completely. I will instantly assume every little dot/spot/rash/symptom I get is an indication of a life threatening illness, and I go into complete panic mode.  Therefore you can only imagine how much of a lunatic I’ve been throughout this entire pregnancy. I wish I wasn’t like this and I do try hard to not let it get out of hand sometimes, and just breathe. But unfortunately, it’s a part of me, so I just do the very best I can to cope when things get a little bit too much.

8) I would definitely say I have a very powerful imagination. Because of this I have experienced happy memories and been extra creative when it comes to story writing, but also sometimes I’ll invent something not so nice in my head which I am adamant happened, even though it never did. When I say I’ve experienced happy memories from my imagination, I’m talking about scenarios and scenes I have acted out/created in my mind that have been so strong it literately feels like it was a real memory of the past, which makes me feel a lot of comfort, and sometimes I find myself thinking “remember that time…” and then realise it didn’t exist. It’s crazy how strong the mind can work.

9) Speaking of story writing/creative writing, this is an area I have always been so passionate about, ever since I was like 14 or something, it’s been THAT long! When I would come home from school instead of sitting down watching numerous amounts of junk on the TV, I would instead prefer to go downstairs to the old, battered up computer we used to have which had no internet, (and actually could read floppy disks!) sit down and just write. I would be there for hours creating stories, and then once I was finished I would print off the whole thing, (which sometimes was pages upon pages!) and then I would put them all in order in a folder, and get my friends to read them. I admit back in those days some of the stuff was beyond cringe-worthy, as I had an enormous obsession with Zac Hanson (the drummer from the band Hanson). However since then they have definitely developed into much more mature and detailed content which I am proud to say comes from my own creative traits. As a matter of fact, I have had this story I have wanted to write encased in my mind  for so long, and seriously need to re-start and actually finish it! Perhaps once maternity leave begins (which is so soon now!) I can think about finally getting that written so I can share it with you all finally, as it’s something that has so much meaning to me.

10) I’ve always been the biggest fan of Disney and all Disney movies, with the Aristocats, The Little Mermaid, Bambi and 101 Dalmatians being only just a few of my favourites! If you were interested in any of my non-Disney related movies, I absolutely love:

Practical Magic – I first watched this in hospital with a broken femur, and was fascinated ever since. I’ve always had a curiosity with witchcraft too, and I just love how Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman work so well together. Such an incredible movie, which these days brings me so much comfort. Number one film that gets put on in my house on a rainy day.

Marie Antoinette – I am obsessed with this movie, and it also has such a gorgeous soundtrack. No it doesn’t have the happiest of endings, however to live a life of luxury like that, and to roll around in the garden drinking copious amounts of fancy wine and enjoying life in the countryside with my friends, that is the life I would be most happy with.

The Secret Garden – A movie I was in love with as a child, and still in love with to this day. I simply adore the book too. This movie is sad yet completely beautiful, and will be forever one of my favourite stories of all time. I also just love anything filmed in a garden setting, and the mystery behind the ‘Secret Garden’ and what it used to look like – to what it looked like at the end was fascinating.

A Little Princess – Another movie I loved as a child and still hold close to my heart today. This is another sad yet gorgeous film which concludes in a happy ending. I really admire the bravery and courage of Sara’s character, and what she goes through because she refused to give up her hopes and dreams.

Never Let Me Go – So interesting, so beautiful, so sad, so unique. I don’t remember when and how I found this movie, but I am so glad I did. Also if you are a fan of Keira Knightley, and don’t mind the odd drama/romance movie, I definitely recommend Never Let Me Go. Even Nick enjoyed this movie which surprised me.

Baywatch – Zac Efron’s abs. Need I say more? Also, this movie is absolutely hilarious and has a fantastic story line. One of my current favourite comedies (bonus points for the continuous perving you get out of this film as well.) 😉

11) Over the course of my life, my music taste has changed numerous times, with genres that include super tacky pop music, metal ‘screamo’ type music, 80’s rock, top ‘hits’ including even some R&B which is so not like me at all. I admit obviously some of these choices in music were influenced by others, possibly boys I liked at the time, and just the general ‘I’ve got to be into this shit to fit in’. There are also some bands from the past I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to now, however will hold dear memories with me, or I would still love to see in concert for old times sake. For example, I am no longer into any type of ‘screamo’ metal music now I’m in my late twenties. However at the start of this year I went to see Underoath with my sister, and let me tell you, this was an experience I’ll remember forever. I got shoved around a lot (as we were in a pub venue) but it was so good I sang at the top of my lungs and cried so much!

These days I still love a bit of rock music, considering I myself was a little ‘rocker chick’ in high school and college and performed in bands many times. I am obsessed with the band Against The Current, all their songs are so meaningful to me, and honestly the front girl Chrissy reminds me of myself when I was younger. The striving teen who had her heart set on making it big in the music universe as a lead singer in a band! I was absolutely devastated I couldn’t recently see them live as they are currently on tour (things you have to give up when pregnant!) Other music I am into these days are more chilled out, relaxing music, I  appreciate a really good voice I can connect with. I love The Dave Matthews Band (seen them live a few years ago and cried as well) Florence And The Machine, and numerous movie soundtracks, as well as earthy, forest music.

12) I can’t handle ‘time’ well, and also prefer when things are planned over anything too spontaneous. It stresses me out so much when Nick and I need to be at a certain place at a certain time such as an appointment etc, and he’s dawdling, taking too long to get ready, or finding more things he needs to do before we walk out the door. I hate the idea of being late to anything, I always think we never have enough time. It gets me so worked up that usually I will take out my frustration on him or (whoever else is taking their sweet arse time) and then sometimes it can make me fall into panic mode. I don’t mean to be this much of a stress head,  it’s just something unfortunately I can’t control very well. I definitely need to learn to work on it.

13) One thing I can’t stand about some people is when they intentionally try to talk down to you, throwing advice down your throat (not in a good way) assuming you literally know nothing and have no knowledge on anything, and just generally being an all round know-it-all. Those kind of people do not agree with me what so ever, so if you are one of one of them stay clear of me thank you.

14) I actually find great comfort and entertainment watching cooking shows. I could literately just sit and watch the cooking channel for ages, either with a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine. I just find it so therapeutic, and I enjoy learning new recipes and trying them out myself at home. I especially love watching them over the winter when I can sit by the fire and get all cosy with throw blankets and pillows. With that said, obviously I also enjoy cooking/baking in general, (once again it’s so more relaxing with a glass of wine in hand, stirring some fabulous smelling dish… well, here’s hoping!) I am excited to be able to introduce wine back into my life next year, as I feel a part of me is genuinely missing without it! 😉

15) After talking about cooking shows, we may as well move on to my favourite foods, which are pasta and pizza. I swear I should have been born Italian or something, because every time Nick and I plan to go out for dinner, I always suggest Italian. I also love making my own spaghetti bolognese or chicken alfredo at home, I would honestly just cook pasta or home made pizzas every night if Nick let me! As I have not travelled out of Australia before, perhaps one day the first place Nick and I should visit is Italy, as I think I would ADORE it and never want to leave! Perhaps it might be a good idea to start learning Italian in preparation? 😉

16) There are quite a lot things I have a phobia of, spiders, snakes, losing loved ones, dying, all the normal things that come to mind to most people when they are asked this question. (By the way, why on earth do spiders and snakes have to exist is beyond me). However, my biggest fear is heights (another regular phobia of most people, yes), I get so scared and worked up over excessive heights, I can’t even watch a movie involving somebody on the edge of a building/jumping from a plane/looking down from somewhere high etc without getting all sweaty in both my hands and feet, and it sometimes even makes my toes curl and fingers cramp up. Literately even thinking of excessive heights has already had an effect on my palms! I don’t understand how people can actually want to live in high rise buildings (and pay more money to do so!! WHY?!) High rise apartments WITH balconies make me want to throw up. I saw a vlog once of an Australian Youtuber showing everybody her empty high rise apartment, and when she went out onto the balcony and showed everybody how high up she was, I had to click out of it. Also, girl! what if you dropped your camera! I can however handle riding in aeroplanes because even though they make me feel incredibly nervous, I do feel safe inside them. But anything else is a big nope from me. I like the ground, and prefer both my feet to stay attached to it.

17) My grandpa (Dido, as we called him, he was from the Ukraine) passed away now almost four Christmas’s ago. The night following his passing, I had such a realistic dream with him in it. I can’t remember overly too much now, but I do remember I was the only person in the room who could see him. He didn’t speak at all, just smiled at me. When I cried on his shoulder as I gave him a huge hug, it was as if he was telling me that he was okay, without speaking a word. I remember the scent and warmth of his body, and the bristles of his spiky cheeks against my lips as I gave him a final kiss goodbye. It was sad yet beautiful that I was able to have that final experience with him, and I feel like it did help me on the path to understanding it was his time to go, and he was already at peace with that. Obviously I miss him every day, and wish so much he could meet my little boy next year, but I know he is always watching down on me, and when Nick and I take our son to Adelaide to meet my Nan, we will also take him to meet my grandpa to the cemetery. Our son will learn once he is older what an amazing human being my grandpa was, and even though he is not on this earth anymore, he still loves him very much.

18) I don’t think I will ever settle on a ‘permanent favourite season’. I have said for years my favourite is winter, yet a few weeks in and I am a whiny, complaining little five year old because I’m ‘too cold’. I honestly think the only things I like about winter is being able to eat more carbs,  take more frequent baths, be cosy by the fireplace and listen to the rain while watching cooking shows! Oh and also the fashion, I do enjoy winter and autumn fashion the best, probably because I am a big fan of fluffy hooded coats, beanies and thick coloured tights. If you asked me what my current favourite season is right now I would definitely say spring, which us Australians have finally ventured into (after a freezing winter in Tasmania, LET ME TELL YOU!) What I love about spring is the sudden change in the air once winter disappears, and spring begins to show it’s lovely face. The smell of the flowers blossoming, the sudden warmth of sun on your skin, the feeling of excitement as Halloween and Christmas is slowly approaching… I just absolutely love it.The only thing that does bother me with spring (and why I have never made it my number one season) is because I do suffer from hay fever, sometimes pretty badly and therefore I need to live off antihistamines. Other than that, spring is so beautiful, and  am so glad we are finally living in in right now in Australia. I’m so excited for future brunches in the sunshine!

19) I admit I have a little bit of an unhealthy crush on Charlie Heaton, the actor who plays Jonathan in the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things‘. I think he is just the most beautiful human on this planet, (Apart from Nick of course, and my unborn son, obviously!). He is also an incredible, amazing actor, and to think he didn’t even attend any kind of acting school! Therefore making him naturally talented! Also because he is from Bridlington in the UK, he obviously has a gorgeous British accent that sends me weak at the knees (as I am a sucker for a man with an accent, I must say!) If I ever got the chance to meet him I would jump at it, and I am so very excited to see him in Stranger Things 2 this month!

20) Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. I feel like I will always be a child at heart when it comes to the excitement of Christmas, putting up the tree, and playing Christmas carols throughout my house. Therefore I feel that this will make me a great mumma, because I’ve always believed in the spirit and the magic that comes with Christmas. I just love all the decorations and sparkle, the food, the music, spending time with family and loved ones and buying special gifts. I am one of those people that much prefer giving over receiving, because I love to spoil and surprise people who mean a lot to me in my life 🙂

So this concludes my ‘Twenty Facts’ about me! I applaud you if you made your way to the end, I honestly did not think I was going to write so much, I guess I just have a lot to say. I hope you enjoyed this post, leave me any comments down below if you wish, I am more than happy to answer any question, or just have a general chit chat!

Until next time my loves,



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