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With Mother’s day just around the corner, what better time than now to review a luxurious new beauty product I recently had the pleasure of trying out. Today I will be talking about the lovely Adam James Beauty Therapy face and body scrubs!

Adam James BT are completely all natural, cruelty free and vegan face and body scrubs created in beautiful Tasmania (Where I am from), which makes it even more desirable for me to want to try out. I love supporting independent businesses especially when they are local ones! Therefore when Adam (who is also an old friend of mine) contacted me asking if I would like to try his new products, of course I said yes!

Adam makes several different types of body scrubs using coffee, sugar and salt, each with their own unique touch. Today we will be focusing on the delightful ‘Sugar & Spice’.

Sugar & Spice is one of Adam’s coffee based scrubs. It  provides so many benefits such as smoothing and brightening the skin, reducing cellulite, improve circulation and many more.

I’ve always been a bit nervous to try scrubs because I have quite sensitive skin which can be unpredictable. However, because Adam’s scrubs only contain all natural ingredients, it made me feel far less anxious knowing there are no hidden nasties involved which could possibly set off a reaction. These natural ingredients include coconut sugar, coconut oil, vanilla and almond oil. Sugar & Spice is definitely all things nice!

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I tried Sugar & Spice for about a week. The first day I opened up my fresh bag, I was instantly hit with a gorgeous sweet smell that I since have decided reminds me of luscious fruit cake! I knew immediately I wouldn’t have any hesitation trying it out!

When I started using it for the first time I was happy with the texture as it wasn’t too harsh like some other scrubs out there. Once I jumped out of the shower and dried myself off, my skin instantly felt super clean and hydrated. It was also really satisfying to put on my body creams afterwards because my skin was so silky smooth.

I even had the courage to use on my face which is something I wouldn’t normally do as my face is even more sensitive that the rest of my body, so I usually just stick to what I know that won’t irritate it. However this time I took the plunge and put my trust in Adam, which resulted in incredibly soft skin and NO REDNESS! I was super impressed.

After my experience I would certainly continue on using this scrub now I know it makes my skin happy and clean! I’m hoping over time to start seeing some improvement with my cellulite at the tops of my legs as I know this area will take a little bit longer. I also can’t wait to use this over the Summer when tanning, as I do this quite often and anybody who tans knows how important it is to exfoliate before tanning, and then scrub away old tan in preparation for a new one!

That’s all for today, but I highly encourage you to check out Adam’s store if you are looking for a new face and body scrub, or if you like the sound of it in general! He has a variety of scents to choose from, sample sizes if you just can’t make a decision and even has one for the men! Finally, he ships internationally which is incredibly exciting as more of you out there can get your hands on some! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Adam James Beauty Therapy

Love, A xx


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