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Welcome one and all to a very special collaboration with the lovely Booberrit – OUR EASTER PARTY!! We wanted to create a post dedicated to the occasion and turn it into a party where other bloggers can also join in if they would like too!

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Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays, and with kids it’s even more exciting as it means us parents get to really get involved by making it as special as possible for our little ones! You are going to see some tasty Easter baking and some fun crafty Easter activities, so if that sounds good to you, please keep on reading!


What is a party without cake, am I right? Therefore I really wanted to make some cute Easter themed cupcakes! These are also better for little ones, while they still contain sugar, the quantity isn’t as much as a lot of other recipes out there because we used honey instead! They taste so delicious and look super cute, I definitely recommend giving them a try this Easter! Felix also enjoyed having a little nibble!




2 eggs

1 & 2/3 cups of self raising flour

1/4 teaspoon of baking powder

3/4 cup of buttermilk

1/2 cup of melted coconut oil

1/2 cup of milk chocolate chips


1 cup of icing sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

2 tablespoons of melted butter

1 teaspoon of water

Yellow food colouring

Coloured writing icing (I used Queen)

Desiccated (or shredded) coconut for decorating

Chocolate chips for decorating

Pretty cupcake paper cases


Pre-heat your oven to 180C. Fill up a muffin tray with your pretty cupcake cases.

STEP 2: 

whisk together the eggs, vanilla, buttermilk, honey and the melted coconut oil. Then sift in the flour and baking powder, mix well. Finally, add your chocolate chips and mix them through too.

Fill your cupcake cases and bake for about 20 minutes. Check with a skewer to see if it comes out clean. Once cooked leave the cakes in the pan for a few minutes before transferring them to a cooling rack. Leave them alone now until they are completely cool (I know it’s tempting to begin decorating, but trust me, just wait!)



Place your butter in a microwave safe jug/dish for about 15 seconds. Add the icing and essence, then whisk. Then add the water and food colouring, combine till smooth.


In a small bowl, add about half a cup of coconut. Then add a few drops of yellow food colouring to the coconut and basically just continuously stir through, adding more colouring where needed till you have the desired shade.


Spread all your cupcakes with the icing, then tip them upside down and gently press them into the coconut mixture.


Use the chocolate chips as eyes, and some of your writing icing (I picked the red one) to make a cute little beak. If you have trouble getting the writing icing to stick to the coconut, get a toothpick and gently carve out a little beak where you want it to go, fill it with icing, and you are done!



As Felix hadn’t used paints before, I thought what better opportunity than now to let him have a play! As he is only 15 and a half months old, I decided on something pretty easy (but still Easter themed!) for his first painting experience. After a browse on Pinterest, I settled on a bunny silhouette painting, where all he needed to do was get paint all over a little canvas!



What you need:

Coloured paint (make sure it’s non toxic as at this age children tend to put everything in their mouth!)

Paint brushes

Kids paint pot tray

Kids smock

Water jar

A small canvas (I purchased mine from the craft section in Target for 3 dollars!)

Some sort of card or thin cardboard to make the silhouette

Blue tack

Cling wrap, newspapers etc to cover the floor and any surfaces from paint


Find a bunny/rabbit/chicken etc basically any image you like on Google, and either copy the outline on some card if you feel confident or print it off, cut it out and stick it to the card. Then cut out the shape from the card and stick it in the middle of the canvas with blue tack. (Don’t use sticky-tape or glue as you will need to carefully peel this off later)


Create an area where you are okay for your child to play with some paint. In our case, we chose our kitchen, put down a really old table cloth, and covered his drawing table with cling wrap to protect it from the paint. You could also use newspaper to cover the floor, or even a tarp if you have one! Set out the paints in the paint pots, put your child in a smock to protect their clothing and you are set to get crafty!


Let them paint! the aim is to try to get paint all along the edges of the bunny rabbit to create the silhouette. If your child is 2+ years old this will be a bit easier as you will have more luck explaining where they should put their paint brush. If you are working with a younger toddler like me, it can be a bit harder. Felix just wanted to put the paint in the centre (on the bunny) and also in his mouth (I warned you didn’t I?) So we just had to keep initiating and pointing where he could put his brush. Also turning the canvas to each side every few minutes seemed to work okay too! Also with a younger toddler, be prepared for them to get over it pretty quickly and to not be too disheartened if it doesn’t look exactly how you planned. After all, it’s still a fabulous art piece made by your little one!



Let the canvas dry. Once it has, carefully peel off the bunny in the middle, and you should be left with a gorgeous silhouette, ready to hang somewhere special! If you wanted, you could even glue a cotton ball to it’s bottom for a cute tail. Also, don’t throw away the bunny you peeled off because as it will be covered in paint, what better thing to stick on some spare card and give to a relative or friend!


That’s all for today’s blog post, be sure to now head over to Booberrit’s blog now for some more Easter party fun! Don’t forget to join our party if you would like in the linky above! HAPPY EASTER, BUNNIES!

Love, A xx



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