Felix’s Life Update (April 2019)


I blinked.

Felix has now well past the 15 month mark. WHAT! All of a sudden my little baby has become this incredibly full on toddler who has to get into EVERYTHING! We took down his play pen a while ago because it was just, time. He was already trying to break out of it, so the past couple of months Nick and I have been baby proofing more of our house which has been hard considering how old this place is! However we have to make it work as we are still here for another two years!

I wanted to give you guys an update on how Felix has been going, what he’s interested in and what he has achieved now he has gotten older! I wanted to do this update much earlier than planned, however as a mummy and dedicated weekly vlogger, it can get pretty full on, finding time to do both can be a struggle so some things just have to give occasionally! However, I am so excited to finally share all Felix’s new milestones and loves with you all today!


Felix doesn’t say too many words just yet, he knows about 6? So far he can say mum, dad, oh no, wow, and he just learnt a new one recently, ball! Nick has been working on that one with Felix for a little bit each time they play with the ball. The words he says most would have to be “wow” and “oh no”. Felix has also started to sometimes express passion when using words, it was quite funny the other week when I told him off for biting me (caught this on camera, check out my channel in Felix’s dentist appointment video) he got defensive when I told him we do not bite and I was going to tell his daddy.

Mr. Active!

Felix has great balance now and a very confident walker. He can also run, climb, balance, and use his problem solving skills when getting on top of/off something. This has been amazing to watch, however also sometimes very tiring as we have had to move our coffee table and various other pieces of furniture in different rooms and behind baby barriers because he is climbing so much and just won’t stop!

Smartie Pants

I’ve sat back and watched him play with his toys (as does Nick) and it’s fascinating to observe him figure out things on his own such as stacking his coloured rings correctly from largest to smallest, making ‘vroom vroom’ noises when playing with his toy cars, even initiating games with us. For example, Felix loves when Nick picks him up and spins him around in circles, so he will sometimes grab Nick’s hand, pull him and then spin himself in a circle to communicate that’s what he would like to play.

Favourite things.

Number one would have to be the City Park, the train in particular. We can’t even walk past the park without him carrying on and screaming if we don’t go in. He can also spot the park train from such a large distance away, and he will instantly point at it. Felix has become quite the regular passenger on the train, I am pretty sure both men who take turns driving it would have to know his name by now. He also obviously loves exploring the playground and meeting other children – he’s so friendly, doesn’t mind sharing (so far) and just has the sweetest heart.

Along with the train, Felix has such a great love for trucks, busses, cars, basically anything with wheels. We have often found him lying on the floor examining underneath his tricycle, and spinning the wheels. At this stage, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to be a mechanic when he grows up! He also appears to have a big interests in gadgets and anything that moves.

Felix also is now a member of the Kinder Gym! A girl I know told me all about the sessions they have for toddlers, so I just knew I had to take him to a trial! Ever since then he’s been signed up and now has his own book where at the end of each session, he gets a sticker! It is so fantastic for him to go nuts and run around exploring all the child friendly equipment and activities, meet other children, and burn some of that energy. It’s also good for me too, as I can meet some other mummies! We go to kinder gym every Friday morning, and by the end of it Felix sometimes even treats me with a lovely nap when we come home!


That’s it for today’s post lovelies! I hope you enjoyed, and we shall catch up soon. I do plan on being more regular with my blog posts soon, I am just in the process of currently working out a filming/blogging routine which works for me that doesn’t completely wipe me out. Being a mumma is hard work! In the meantime, why don’t you check out my Youtube channel as I have lots of videos of my family! My videos can be found on my main homepage. While you are there, I would love it if you could subscribe so you can always stay updated when I post a new vlog! Have a great day,

Love, A xx


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