Things To Do When you Are Feeling Down, Anxious Or Depressed.

Let’s face it, we all suffer from a bad/crappy day from time to time. Unfortunately, it’s not an unusual thing. As someone who also suffers from anxiety and depression, I do find myself having these days more often, especially as a new mum. So I wanted to share with you some things that I like to do to help calm me down/cheer me up in my low/anxious times.


Venture Outdoors.

I have always felt my happiest when I leave the house and spend some time outdoors, taking in the fresh nature air. So leave your phone at home, completely unplug yourself, go for a walk and find somewhere quiet to relax and collect your thoughts. Bring some music with you if that helps, find a park, sit under a tree and just unwind. It’s amazing what simply detaching yourself from the abundance of life and the constant buzz of social media platforms can do for your mind. I am definitely guilty of being one who always get swallowed up by the constant trends, competition and pace of our modern society, so therefore leaving your phone at home unless you really need it is great because you won’t be tempted to get it out ‘just for five minutes’ for any reason. If you are a mumma like me, leave the kids with dad for an hour, or if you have a baby why not take them with you as most babies love going on walks, my little boy is fascinated by trees!

If you are feeling sociable and need some cheering up by seeing a friendly face, text a friend/family member and see if they would like to go out for a coffee or even for brunch. Spending time with people you enjoy being around can really help brighten your mood as they are also great to talk to, listen and offer advice when needed. Still try to limit how much you go online if you do bring your phone, and just appreciate the time you have with your coffee/brunch date instead. Also on your way home, buy yourself some flowers. I feel flowers make everybody happier.

Bath Bomb

Book In Bath


There is absolutely nothing I love more than relaxing in a nice hot bath on a day when I’m feeling down, anxious or for any reason really, I swear a bath fixes everything! I really enjoy popping in a bath bomb, reading a book or listening to a podcast while I lay back and enjoy some ‘me time’. Currently I am obsessed with the Podcast “My Favourite Murder” (strange topic to listen to when anxious I know, but I am extremely fascinated with murder mysteries and I am definitely not the only one so it’s okay!) If I’ve just had a bad day, sometimes I’ll also pour myself a sneaky glass of wine if Felix is in bed as I feel that wine in the bath is the ultimate luxury. I wouldn’t recommend wine if you are feeling really anxious/depressed however so if that is the case or you just don’t drink, swap it for a cup of tea or anything you fancy. Eat pizza in the bath if  you think that will cheer you up, cause why the heck not? Also, don’t forget to light a candle or two whilst soaking away in the tub, as in my opinion a bath isn’t complete without one.

Treat Yourself.

Turn your bath into a complete pamper session, face mask, body scrub, then paint your nails in your dressing gown. Better still, book in to get your nails done, have a massage or perhaps go get something new done to your hair. If these ideas are not your kind of thing, make time for the things you are interested in, whether it be blogging like myself, gardening, knitting, yoga, or binging on a new series on Netflix.

Tea And Cookies


Pop your pajamas on and jump into bed, or curl up on the couch with a cosy throw rug. Getting super cosy and warm is one of the best ways to get out of an anxious mood as it makes you feel safe and secure. My pajamas always bring me so much comfort! (This is why I have a slight addiction to buying new ones all the time, sorry Nick!) Put on your favourite movie, read, or even start a diary where you can jot down your feelings. Make sure you get yourself some snacks and a cup of tea. remember these are the moments where it’s definitely okay to have the sneaky cupcake, couple of Tim-Tams or in my case an entire box of BBQ shapes, oops! However the important thing is to not feel guilty about letting yourself occasionally be lazy and indulge a bit on a bad or anxious day. After all, chocolate releases endorphins into the brain which relieves stress, and that’s what we want, right?

That is all for today, I really hope my ideas have helped, and if you have any of your own I haven’t mentioned, feel free to share them!

Love, A



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  1. September 14, 2018 / 10:00 pm

    Your post is so cozy and nice! xx

    • amberromein
      September 14, 2018 / 11:05 pm

      Thank you so much lovely!! xxx

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